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Your Guide
Through the 
End of Life

Personalized, one-on-one End of Life Navigation for patients and caregivers.

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Overwhelmed with decisions? Feeling fearful or uncertain? Meet with an End of Life Navigator to ask questions (nothing is off limits) and learn how we can make your experience less stressful and more meaningful. No commitment, just a compassionate conversation with someone who understands.

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What is an End of Life Navigator?

Figuring out logistics and next steps is hard enough, but add in a range of deep emotions and you may feel exhausted and overwhelmed. Our Navigators are experienced, compassionate professionals who help you replace overwhelm with clarity, and confusion with comfort. 

Each Navigator relationship is unique, and your personal needs and values are our top priority. We help you create order from chaos so you can focus on living your life well, even as it is ending.

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We guide you through each step. 


Vision Conversation

Exploring the end of life can help you approach death with love and meaning instead of fear and anxiety.

Advance Care Planning

Extending well beyond paperwork and legal, our process treats you as a whole person with a range of needs and desires.

After Death Care Planning

Ensure your wishes are known by giving your loved ones the gift of a clear plan as they grieve.

Your Legacy Project

Create an expression of love, remembrance, or inspiration for future generations.

Life Details Packet

We help you organize important life details in one place, reducing overwhelm and stress.

Grief Before & After Loss

Facing loss at each stage gives patients and caregivers a chance to heal and find meaning.

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