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A Team Driven by Compassion & Experience

At Near we are a collective of compassionate, skilled individuals highly motivated by personal experience with loss, grief, and the realities of a broken system. Together we are working to improve the end of life for patients and caregivers through one-on-one navigation and support. 


Near is the second company created by our founders, and the most personal. Together they built Well Refined, an agency serving over 100 startup and nonprofit clients, many in the terminal illness, end of life, and mental health spaces. They are now bringing their deep expertise in entrepreneurship, storytelling, and connection to help change the way we experience death and grief.

near end of life christy knutson

Christy Knutson 
Christy’s work within end of life care began in 2006 when she managed programs and communications for an organization serving cancer patients, many through end of life. She has spent her career in marketing and communications bringing meaningful ideas to life.

This work is deeply personal for Christy, who as a teenager was a primary caregiver for her grandmother living with Alzheimer’s and later, at the age of 22, lost her person to cancer after 4 years of illness. 

near end of life jane butler

Jane Butler 

When Jane’s fiancé (now husband) was diagnosed with brain cancer at the young age of 24, they quickly learned the value of grief therapy in their own healing. Since then, she has spent her time in marketing and design, bringing brands and ideas to life through visual development.

She has served alongside startups and non-profits bringing dignity to the lives of all people. Jane believes strategic design can play a key role in guiding us all toward the support we need. 

Board of Advisors

near end of life shoshana ungerleider

Shoshana Ungerleider, MD 
End Well Founder 

near end of life trenor williams

Trenor Williams, MD 
CEO and Co-Founder at Socially Determined 

near end of life alua arthur

Alua Arthur 
Going with Grace Founder 

near end of life claire bidwell smith

Claire Bidwell Smith 
Grief Expert & Author 

near end of life renee desilva

Renee DeSilva 
CEO at The Health Management Academy