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Emotions are high.

Bandwidth is low. 

End of Life Navigation to help you reduce confusion, gain clarity, and take the next best step

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What do I do if I'm dying

There are gaps in your care, but you don’t have to fill them alone.

Because our healthcare system is complex and not everyone involved in your care is talking to one another, you are the one left at the center of the chaos. Even if you have the best care available, you are most likely overwhelmed...or will be.

What do I do if I'm dying
terminally ill patient

We get to know you.

Once you are matched with a Near Navigator, we begin with an introductory call where we spend time connecting with you and understanding your specific situation and needs. Each experience is different, and we are committed to meeting you where you are.

We help you understand and prioritize.

Your Navigator will walk you through our process for planning and preparation,  personally educating you on elements you may not understand. During weekly virtual sessions, we provide resources and gently assist you in prioritizing needs.

terminal diagnosis
What do I do if I'm dying


We support you at each step.

You are no longer left to figure things out on your own. Our Near Navigators are with you at each step. In addition to weekly sessions for working through the practical planning elements, we also include time for general questions and support as you process everything that is happening.

The Most Important Question

Whether you currently have a terminal diagnosis or simply wish to plan ahead, you likely face advice and opinions at every turn. Your family may be leaning in one direction, your closest friends in another, and your healthcare team in yet another. The most important question is, what is important to YOU? Your answer to this question is the foundation for our work together.

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Meet with an End of Life Navigator to ask questions (nothing is off limits) and learn how we can make your experience less stressful and more meaningful. No commitment, just a compassionate conversation with someone who understands.

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