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In addition to your Near dashboard, you will also be matched with a personal End of Life Navigator for weekly Zoom (or phone) meetings. This is a great option for those who want more in-depth support and/or have less time to prepare. Sessions include:

6 Months of Care

You will be matched with a personalized End of Life Navigator to offer you one-on-one care. Our Navigators have years of experience guiding individuals and families through each step of the process, making them well equipped to empower you and your family in the days to come.

Vision Conversation

Exploring the end of life can help you approach death with love and meaning instead of fear and anxiety. Through guided conversation, it is possible to lessen negative emotions associated with death. Exploring the end of life in a safe conversation can help you live the rest of your days to the fullest. Your Navigator will walk you through a series of questions to get to know you and your specific needs. At the heart of this conversation is the question, “What is important to you?” This conversation will serve as the foundation for providing you the highest quality, personalized support you need.

Advanced Care Planning

We believe that Advanced Care Planning includes much more than paperwork and legal decisions. In our planning model, both you and your loved ones are treated as whole people. While we do address the paperwork essential for carrying out your wishes, our plans go beyond the legal to help you embrace your life more fully as you explore the end of it. You will leave with a comprehensive plan that addresses your personal values, preferences, and wishes.

Life Details Folder
You will receive a packet of important life details to pass along after your death or to have after the death of your loved one. It includes gathering important documents, account details, contact information for key individuals, passwords, instructions for dependents, pets, possessions, etc. We offer both digital and print versions. Your Navigator is available to help you feel less overwhelmed, walking you through the process and answering your questions at each step.

Advance Directive
Your Navigator will help you or your loved one complete an Advance Directive, a written statement that includes your wishes regarding medical treatment and a living will to ensure those wishes are carried out if you are personally unable to communicate with your physician.

Health Care Power of Attorney/Proxy
Your Navigator will help you or your loved one establish a Health Care Proxy/Health Care Power of Attorney to give someone you trust the authority to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to communicate with your physician.

After Death Care Planning

Your Navigator will help you understand all of your options for after death care, and provide guidance and resources as you make decisions that align with your values. This includes education on green burial practices, funeral or memorial wishes, alternative burial options, desired rituals, etc. An after death care plan not only ensures your wishes are known, but also relieves your loved ones from making difficult decisions in the midst of their grief.

Vigil Planning

When you think of your final days of life, what do you envision? Who would you like by your side? What music would you like to hear? What elements would you like to have present in your room - candles, your pet, fresh flowers, family photographs, etc? Would you like to have a specific ritual performed? While the final days of life can bring grief and uncertainty, they also offer you and your loved ones a time for deep connection and profound acts of love. We will help you create a plan for this sacred time.

Legacy Project

We all want to be remembered, to feel that we contributed something to the world or we left even the tiniest impact on someone’s life. A legacy project is an outward expression of you, in some concrete form, that allows your loved ones to connect with you after death. Legacy projects can be an expression of love, a remembrance, or an inspiration for future generations.

Some examples include milestone notes, letters to children or loved ones, life interviews, audio or video recordings, photo projects, slideshows, cookbooks, letters to the future, or a work of art. Legacies convey what we want remaining and future generations to know and understand about our life experiences.

Your Navigator will spend time working with you to understand your priorities and what fits best with your experiences and hopes, as well as guide you through building your project. 

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